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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Track Meet Fun

OK, the calendar says it is late April, but no one told the weather men that! It was sunny today, but cold, cold, COLD at the track meet tonight!

Caleb ran the 3200 meter (2 mile) race. That was the first race of the evening! Cameron ran the second race of the evening...the 4 x 800! Then....we sat in the cold and waited an hour or two til Cameron's last race...the Open 800. Brrrrrrr! But it was fun to watch them run again! Hope you enjoy the photos!


IMG_4164 IMG_4175

IMG_4184 IMG_4190



IMG_4211 IMG_4259


1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I love coming on here and reading about what you and your family are up to. This is great since I am so far away. Things are good here, miss you guys and hopefully see you soon.

Love Always ~ Kasey
PS. Those prom pictures made me feel old to. Yikes!!