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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I do not claim this child today!

Thursday was a snow day...yay! EVERYONE was happy about that. I commented that we had nothing to do that day, so I was ok with everyone staying in their PJ's all day. Well...CAMERON took me literally, and didn't change from his sleepwear, even to shovel the 6 inches of snow from the driveway! What a silly, silly boy!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time to scrap!

I've had a bit of time this week to make some scrapbook pages. Here's one of each of the kids. They make me smile. I think that means I've done well!

The papers are all from the JanuaryCollab kit on Hummie's site. Claudette's papers and Liz92B's brad. I followed Lisa's video tutorial for folded corners for this one. I kind of impressed myself, LOL!

Caleb and Cameron are having so much fun in pep band this year! I finally attended a game last night, and, of course had to take pictures! Pretty efficient of me to get them scrapped already huh? The fonts I used were Hoffmann hand, Ennobled Pet, and Matisse ITC. The template was one of Sarah's converted for DIP users by Lisa. The pawprints are from Felty Dog and Cat kit by Calico Designs. I did the papers/textures.
Cameron is the one who asked me to go to a few games to hear them play. He's excited that they get to play such FUN songs in Pep band. I also think they just like hanging out in the band room between "sessions". This is a Racketty Scrappety template converted to DIP by Lisa. The pawprints are, again, from a kit called "Felty Dog and Cat" by Calico designs.

And, of course, we can't leave Ethan out, can we? Yes, I know Halloween was months ago, but I just couldn't decide what to do with these photos. I like them SO much, I wanted to scrap them perfectly. Well...they may not be perfect, but...they are done! The kit is Candie Mann's Patchy Fall. Font is Kristin ITC.
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Scrap pages from my family visit

The layout is a scraplift of Hummie's template...I didn't have the template available in DIP, so I just re-created it, LOL The papers are all from the April 07 RAK kit from RAK Scraps
the Bow is from AC Scrapping's Easter Colors kit (I recolored it)...her contribution to the January Collaborative kit at Hummie's site The papers are rose. li 's "heart" kit The template I used was Kim B's "Close Knit"
The stitches are a freebie from Manu Papers are from DL Patterson, Brandi Chammartin and CDT's contribution to the Christmas Around the World Kit.
Template by Simply Sarah (converted to DIP by Lisa)
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Uncle Gene is a GENIUS!

Uncle Gene WOWed Rachel and Sarah at his ability to "guess" with 100% accuracy which card someone touched when he was not in the room. They tried walking funny, turning left or right, counting steps and doing mathematical formulas, trying to figure out HOW he could get it right every single time. We all had a good time watching these events unfold! What fun and laughter!

The template is Simply Sarah's converted to DIP by Lisa (one of my
FAVORITE templates, btw), and the papers are by Anita Designs in her
Funky Fun kit.

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Family Christmas Scrap pages

I finally found a bit of time to scrap some pages. Here are some from our time with Ron's side of the family.

This page is made with papers and buttons from DLPatterson's contribution to the Christmas Around the World kit.
The kit I used was CDuffy's Dec 07 RAK Scrap kit, and the template
is Tracy Drane's Windowpanes 3

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

19 years ago in Ohio, the weather was a lot like it is here in Iowa today. Way warmer than "normal", dreary and foggy. My friend Tammy couldn't make the wedding rehearsal, because her flight couldn't land due to the fog! 19 years ago, I started the day with a 9 am breakfast with my best friend, who in a few short hours would become my husband! It was a nice, relaxed start to a chaotic day! We had SO much fun that day! Everything went flawlessly throughout the ceremony. The dinner was delicious, although we didn't have much time to eat, with all the visiting we were doing with all of our guests. The polka band was a hit with family and friends alike, and we were all having the time of our lives. THEN....the power went out due to a thunderstorm! Unbelievable! Ron's dad still talks about standing in the middle of a crowded dance floor with 2 plates of food in his total darkess! The Bavarian Haus' generator wasn't working, so ...sadly...the best party of our lives was over at 10 pm or so and everyone went home! With no power, the band couldn't they quit and we all left! So sad. Ron and I drove to Bowling Green to stay the night. With all the delicious food we had served that night, we didn't have much chance to eat, so we had to make a Burger King run on the way to the hotel! Boy that was a tastey burger.

19 years later...5 states later, 4 kids later...dozens of homes later...countless jobs later, years of laughter and tears...joys and heartaches...I'm still married to my best friend! God has richly blessed us more than we deserve!

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More family pictures....

I've always been a daddy's girl :-)
My dad and Dorothy and the four kids at Dad's house.
Dad and Dorothy
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Fun Times With Family!

So what happens when you get 19 people in one little house for a holiday get-together? You get one MESS of shoes! This is what Martha's entryway looked like on New Year's Day! We're sure
glad she opened her house for us for the holiday!

Ron's parents

and their children....

and their grandchildren!

What a CREW!! We were only missing the 2 oldest grandkids and their spouses and one great-grandchild. We don't get to all be together very often, but when we do manage we know how to have fun!
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