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Friday, December 28, 2007


We are one AWESOME "Rock Band"! Caleb and Cameron purchased the game "Rock Band" for the XBox 360 tonight. What FUN we have had with that game already! We ROCK! (well...sort of...)

Featuring Ethan on the guitar.
Caleb on Drums and Cameron on guitar.
Ronnie on Vocals.
Rachel on Drums Sandy on Guitar and Cameron on Vocals (Manager Ethan coaches on the sidelines).
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day dinner

Christmas day was an appetizer meal. It was DELICIOUS! Oh, my. We all ate WAY too much! We had mozzarella stuffed breadsticks, deep fried mushrooms, deep fried pickles, jalapeno poppers, hot buffalo wings, onion rings, pizza rolls and french fries. And all kinds of dips and sauces. It was another meal that everyone really enjoyed. One of the kids said "This is the BEST Christmas Dinner YET!"

Oh, yes...for supper? We had apples, oranges and carrots :-)

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Christmas Eve Dinner

My goodness. You would have thought I was royalty around here, the way I was praised and loved on after our Christmas Eve dinner. It was definitely a hit. I usually try to do something out of the ordinary and a bit more expensive for our Christmas Eve dinner. I WANTED to make the Alfredo sauce from scratch, but living in this hick town area that we live in, LOL NO ONE within a 30 mile radius of me sells REAL parmesan cheese! So...I bought the jarred stuff and no one cared. I sauted shrimp and imitation crab in olive oil, garlic and pepper. When it was cooked through, I added the jarred sauce (2 regular flavor and one roasted garlic flavor) til it was heated through and then served it over the Fettuccini noodles. How EASY was this meal? We also had broccoli (should have added that to the plate for color!) and wheat rolls. Christmas cookies and candy for dessert.
Now it's time to start thinking about what I want to have for next year :-)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

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An Eectronic Christmas

Caleb and Cameron each got a cell phone...woo hoo...big time excitement there (of course...THEY don't have to pay the bill!)

Ethan and Rachel each got a portable DVD player and a movie

And Rachel got a TracFone, too!
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Ronnie's Best Christmas Ever?

perhaps. He got SPAM...FOUR cans of Spam! AND he got 20 bottles of GOOD beer! And best of all???? A "Mr. Bean Bobblehead!"

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More sledding fun

Ronnie got some "air time" too!

ya know...I'd rather post all these photos in one blog entry. BUT it takes too long to upload them one at a time, and when I go through Picasa it only takes moments...(another BUT) they only let me upload 4 at a time! So...readers will have to read several blog entries to get the whole "picture". Oh, well....happy reading :-)
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Sledding is fun, too!

Look closely (if you can) at Cameron's face in these shots!

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More "Scootering"

This is one of the kids' favorite wintertime activities!

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Yes, Martha...there really IS such a thing as a snow scooter!

For those in the family who doubt that snow scooters really exist :-) Here are some pictures of the kids playing with them this afternoon! What FUN everyone had!

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