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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

‘Tis the Season…

for band, band and more band stuff!  Last week was the Parade of Bands at the High School.  The MS Jazz band performed, followed by the HS Jazz Band.



don’t the girls look nice in their concert dresses???


next was the 5th grade band.


Then the 6th grade and 7th grade and 8th grade bands played.  The high school band had the final performance of the evening.


Rachel and Bridget…the awesome clarinet players:-)


Cameron always sits behind tall people! 


Great performances by everyone!

Another Jazz Band Contest

Sadly, I had to work on the Friday that Cameron and Rachel had a Jazz Band contest in Cedar Rapids.  Ron got to go, though.  And we allowed Ethan to miss school for this educational trip.  Ron and Ethan headed down to Iowa City and ate lunch with Caleb in his cafeteria (a highlight of the day for Ethan!), and then the three of them went back to Cedar Rapids for the Jazz Band contest. 

contest 004

contest 002

soloist Cameron :)

contest 005

the judge, telling Cameron “good sound but KEEP THAT TRUMPET UP!”  Hmmm…wonder if he has ever heard that before???

Great job Cougar Jazz Band!

Ron and Ethan then took Caleb shopping and back to Iowa City.  At the end of the day, I asked Ethan, “What was your favorite part of the day?”  His response melted my mommy heart!  He said “Seeing Caleb!”

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy (LATE) Birthday, Cameron

We didn’t do a lot to celebrate Cameron’s birthday yet this year.  We are trying to find a weekend that he and 3 friends all have free to go to a waterpark with a wakeboard/indoor water thing.  He and a friend Justin went in early Feb. and had a great bunch of fun, and he wants a re-do sometime soon!

Camerons 17th edit

He had Anthony and Justin over for pizza and pudding (his traditional birthday treat request) and some fun.  He’s got great friends that I enjoy having around.

Cameron is an extremely bright kid.  He’s dedicated when it’s something he wants to work for.  For example, he…the EXTREME opposite of a morning person, gets up at 5:45 each morning to leave home at 6:10 to take a shuttle bus to the high school, and then catch another bus to Waverly where he is taking a beginning engineering class.  I thought sure he’d do this for the first semester and then decide he’d rather sleep.  Nope…he’s doing it again this semester.  If his grade is high enough, this will replace some of his first year(s) of engineering classes wherever he chooses to go for college.  Woo hoo…he’s saving money, too!

Cameron has the greatest sense of humor.  He just makes me laugh with his antics.  Between his sarcasm and joking…we laugh with (or at!) him a lot!

Cameron is a talented trumpeter.  I really enjoy watching and listening to him play his trumpet.  He’s made some great friends in the band and I enjoy hearing all the stories.

Cameron is a true gift from God in my life, and I am thankful for him every single day.

Happy 17th kid!  I love you!


Where to begin??

OK…yeah…it’s been a while. It was …winter…cold…gloomy…snowy…and there just wasn’t a lot going on. So I didn’t post. And then I took a few pictures and then got busy and didn’t post those either. But now, (dare I say the word??) Spring things have kicked in…track has started for Cameron and Rachel, and all kinds of things are kicking into gear. So maybe I’ll have more to share? We’ll see.

Here are a few “icy” pictures from some really foggy, really COLD days this winter.


see how thickly that “fog” settled on the branches?



this interesting…thing…is a volunteer weed that sprouted in a pot on the back porch last summer. The fog really crystallized on it!


Our neighbor’s “wishing well” was BURIED in snow!


Ethan kept this can full of bird seed this winter. Made several birds quite happy :)


I am praying that these are the LAST snow filled pictures I take to share with you!