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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where to begin??

OK…yeah…it’s been a while. It was …winter…cold…gloomy…snowy…and there just wasn’t a lot going on. So I didn’t post. And then I took a few pictures and then got busy and didn’t post those either. But now, (dare I say the word??) Spring things have kicked in…track has started for Cameron and Rachel, and all kinds of things are kicking into gear. So maybe I’ll have more to share? We’ll see.

Here are a few “icy” pictures from some really foggy, really COLD days this winter.


see how thickly that “fog” settled on the branches?



this interesting…thing…is a volunteer weed that sprouted in a pot on the back porch last summer. The fog really crystallized on it!


Our neighbor’s “wishing well” was BURIED in snow!


Ethan kept this can full of bird seed this winter. Made several birds quite happy :)


I am praying that these are the LAST snow filled pictures I take to share with you!

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