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Thursday, March 26, 2009

An "Amazing" Performance

The 7th and 8th grade vocal students at school have spent many weeks rehearsing for a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  I have seen many, many junior high musical performances, and let me tell you...tonight's was the BEST I have seen.  I've been helping out at rehearsals for the past few weeks, and these kids worked hard.  And their hard work paid off.  I didn't notice any mistakes at all tonight! Their voices were just superb! 

Rachel was a "go-go" dancer for the song "Go-Go-Go Joseph".  She was GREAT :-)

Joseph 56

Dress rehearsal...look at her smiling while she is "go-going!"

Joseph 58a

Today's performance...notice the "no glasses" look?  She got contacts last week!

And now...these aren't even my KIDS, but I'm so pleased with their performances...I just have to share a few photos!  If you don't know the story, be sure to read it!  It is one of my favorite stories in the Bible.  It begins in Genesis 37.

Joseph 7

Jacob and his family

Joseph 18g

Joseph is given a multi-colored coat by his father...and it makes his brothers MAD.

Joseph 19

They didn't like hearing about Joseph's dreams, either!

Joseph 21

Joseph was sold to "a hairy bunch of Ishmaelites"

Joseph 31

they had to break the "sad" news of Joseph's "death" to Jacob.

Joseph 42

Joseph was a good servant to Potipher until...

Joseph 47 

Potipher's wife caused Joseph some problems.

Joseph 60

Joseph spent some time in jail and interpreted dreams while he was there.  When Pharaoh had  dreams he didn't understand, he called for help and Joseph was brought before him.

Joseph 65

Joseph 69

Elvis Pharaoh explained his dreams to Joseph, who interpreted them.  Pharaoh then promoted Joseph to be his assistant to lead Egypt through the famine that was predicted through his dreams.

Joseph 89

Meanwhile, Joseph's brothers are still back in Canaan, and things aren't going well for them.  The famine has hit the land hard, and they have no food.  They decide to go to Egypt where they hear there is food to spare.  They don't realize it, but it is their long lost brother, Joseph that they are asking for food (which is what Joseph's dreams predicted)

Joseph 97

Joseph is finally convinced the brothers are good men, and he gives them some food. ( the Bible Joseph sends the brothers back to Canaan and they have to return later...but the play takes some "artistic license") Joseph sneaks his golden cup into his youngest brother's sack of food, and then accuses him of stealing it.  The brothers insist that Benjamin wouldn't have done this kind of thing.

Joseph 112

They insist that Benjamin "is straighter than the tall palm tree"

Finally, Joseph reveals who he is, and is reunited with his brothers and father.

Joseph 114b

Joseph falls to his knees in front of his father...(get the symbolism there? ) This scene gives me goosebumps every time I see it, and believe me I've seen it dozens and dozens of times (we own the DVD with Donny Osmond as Joseph!)

Joseph 120f

And the family is happily reunited!

Outstanding performance of a wonderful story, SF MS Vocal students!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Track Season Has Begun!

Cameron ran varsity for today's track meet and it was at the UNI Dome...University of Northern Iowa's awesome indoor facility.  Ron and I headed to Cedar Falls to the Dome to watch the race...'cause it's just so cool to watch ANY sporting event there! 

Cameron's race was the 4 x 800.  We first watched FIVE heats of the 3200, which took forEVER.  Then we watched 8 heats of the 4 x 200.  Cameron's event was next.  He was in the third heat, the 3rd runner.  Since it was an indoor track, each team member runs 4 times around the track, then hands the baton off to the next guy.  Well...somehow...the judge/ref miscounted Cameron's laps.  He ran three, then sprinted the 4th, just like he was supposed to do.  He was ready to hand off to Colton, his teammate, when the judge prevented Colton from taking the baton and said  "NO!  He has one more lap to go!"  So, the poor kid had just given it his all and sprinted his final lap, only to be told he had to run yet ANOTHER lap!  People were passing him all over the place!  (He'd been in a fairly decent position before this!)  He finished his FIFTH lap, and then passed the baton off to Colton.  Even with Cameron running an extra lap, they didn't come in last in their heat, but MAN were those kids (understandably!) upset.  

Cameron said "It was still COOL to run in the UNI Dome!" 


the team relaxes and watches before their heat is called.


Cameron waits for his turn


Wade hands off to Cameron


coming around the bend...



FINALLY...after running an extra lap, Cameron hands off to Colton.


Way to RUN, Cameron!


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Climbing The Tree

Since the tree is on its way down, the kids decided today would be a good day to climb it one last (or first for a couple of them!) time!




Rachel wanted up in that tree SO badly...but she just couldn't get there!  Her kind  older brother gave her a hand...



But she just couldn't get up that tree!

So Cameron decided to help Ethan.






SUCCESS!!!  Whew!


Cameron came down to show Rachel how to do it, but she still just couldn't get it.


Finally, Dad came home and was able to lend a hand!



Now, for any of you wondering why Caleb isn't pictured in any of the photos from today...HE is on his senior band New York City!

We had a text from him earlier today saying they had just checked into their hotel, and were headed out to the Empire State Building.  They left last night at 9, and arrived around 5 pm or so today.  Sure hope they have a GREAT time!

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Meeting the New Neighbor

Our across the street neighbors, Glenn and Alice, got a new puppy.  We had to take a break in our day to go and visit with him --er---them.  The puppy's name is Jake.




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A Spring Work Day

Our HUGE tree in the back yard is dying.  Last year, the top center never got any leaves on it.  Gary, from church, and his friend Jim came today to begin working on getting that monster of a tree cut down.  They made good progress, but there is still much work to be done!  It was tough work because the tree hangs over our house a long ways, as well as hanging very far over our neighbor's house.  It's a big job!


this is the tree that's on its way down.  See how HUGE it is?





there were some HUGE hunks of wood that came down out of that tree today!


they had to get creative with some rope and chain to "help" some of the branches down so that they wouldn't fall on our roof or the neighbors'!


and the cleanup...what fun!  The good news is that we should have 10 years worth of campfire wood after all this is finished! 


I watched.


so did Rachel and KT


and Ethan and KT, too!


and they played in the fire, too.