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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Band Events

With springtime comes all kinds of spring concerts at school.  A couple of weeks ago, the Jazz band performed at Hudson at the Jazz band contest.  Thanks to Laure B for the photo!

Jazz Band 2


a music professor (Doctor, I think!) from Wartburg came to the Middle School to listen to and critique each of the bands and give them tips on how to improve before the Parade of Bands.  Rachel's band played "Smoke on the Water", a 70's medley, and songs from "Mama Mia!"  They performed the same songs at the Parade of Bands this week.  They sounded great!


8th grade band


Rachel :-)


Rachel at the Parade of Bands

Caleb and Cameron have also had a busy spring with band.  They went to a Jazz Band festival at Coe College, where they did an AWESOME job!  They played in the combo band for the Show Choir, and attended a contest for that, too.  And they performed at the Parade of Bands this week as well.  I have no pictures of the Jazz band (when my friend Julie emails them to me, I'll add them:-)  or the show choir combo.  And I only have one (not so good!) photo from the High School parade of bands, as the High school played their piece in the dark!


Caleb on Tuba and Cameron on Trumpet

I'm glad our kids enjoy music!  They perform so nicely for us!

Signature 2

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