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Monday, March 23, 2009

Track Season Has Begun!

Cameron ran varsity for today's track meet and it was at the UNI Dome...University of Northern Iowa's awesome indoor facility.  Ron and I headed to Cedar Falls to the Dome to watch the race...'cause it's just so cool to watch ANY sporting event there! 

Cameron's race was the 4 x 800.  We first watched FIVE heats of the 3200, which took forEVER.  Then we watched 8 heats of the 4 x 200.  Cameron's event was next.  He was in the third heat, the 3rd runner.  Since it was an indoor track, each team member runs 4 times around the track, then hands the baton off to the next guy.  Well...somehow...the judge/ref miscounted Cameron's laps.  He ran three, then sprinted the 4th, just like he was supposed to do.  He was ready to hand off to Colton, his teammate, when the judge prevented Colton from taking the baton and said  "NO!  He has one more lap to go!"  So, the poor kid had just given it his all and sprinted his final lap, only to be told he had to run yet ANOTHER lap!  People were passing him all over the place!  (He'd been in a fairly decent position before this!)  He finished his FIFTH lap, and then passed the baton off to Colton.  Even with Cameron running an extra lap, they didn't come in last in their heat, but MAN were those kids (understandably!) upset.  

Cameron said "It was still COOL to run in the UNI Dome!" 


the team relaxes and watches before their heat is called.


Cameron waits for his turn


Wade hands off to Cameron


coming around the bend...



FINALLY...after running an extra lap, Cameron hands off to Colton.


Way to RUN, Cameron!


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Anonymous said...

Sandy what an excellent photojournalist you are! Your pride in your son is obvious even by the pictures you took. Wow, he is growing up to be quite an awesome young man. Enjoy him quickly, as you know!
Karen in FL