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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Out of the mouths of boys...

come the GOOFIEST things! Ethan and I rode to his ballgame tonight with his friend and his mom. The two boys were in the back seat, and I heard Ethan say "Hey...did you know that if you have a big LOUD fart, it doesn't smell bad? But if you have a really quiet one...those are the ones that smell really bad, because they are a bit gassier." He just said this SO matter of friend and I just about DIED laughing!

On the way HOME from the game, Ethan's friend said "Do you think it works the same way with burps? The loud ones don't smell, but the quiet ones do? Wait...maybe burps don't smell bad. Well...unless you have bad breath"

Oh the joys of being a mom of an 8 year old boy!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

They call this summer VACATION?

Here's a day in the life of Caleb. He's 15 (just a few SHORT weeks away from 16!). He has a job as a lifeguard and umpire for the summer. These past two weeks, he's been working at swimming lessons in the mornings from 9:30-12. He comes home for almost an hour, and then has to be back at the pool from 1-5. A couple times a week, he umpires ball games from 5-7. Then he works at the pool again from 7-9!

He's one BUSY kid. He got his first paycheck last week, and said "I LOVE my job!"

Please Pray

with us for Ron's dad Lester. He has been diagnosed with cancer in his hip/pelvic bone. He is in the hospital and has been receiving a daily dose of radiation since late last week. He had a needle biopsy done this morning and we are waiting results to determine what the next course of action will be. Thanks for your prayers!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

First day of Summer!

and it FEELS that way here in IA, today. It is HOT, HUMID and just miserable outside. But guess what? It's NOT snowing, and for THAT I'm extremely happy, and will take hot and humid any day!

Wow...been a few weeks since I've had time to check in! We were home for just one week after our trip to St. Louis. Rachel enjoyed her week at Uncle Gene and Aunt Krista's house (thanks SO much for spoiling her rotten, especially for her BIRTHDAY! She had a great time!) and came back to IA with Grandpa and Grandma Koch.

On Sunday, June 3, Ron and I left for a cruise with our dear friends, Erik and Kelly. We had the BEST time that week! Sunshine, laughter, good friends, "fru-fru" drinks and beer, and wonderful food, beautiful blue water...oh my...what a memory! Can't wait to make more memories like this with Erik and Kelly (and the right seasickness medicine for some!) Here are a couple of photos from the cruise... Ron and I on our first evening on the ship..just before dinner. Ron's 41'st birthday! Holding a sting ray! That was WAY cool (and I was only a LITTLE freaked out, right, Ron?)
In Cozumel, in front of our ship, the Carnival Inspiration.
Just LOOK at that beautiful, blue water!We all enjoyed dressing up for our formal night on the cruise!
Me at Margaritaville, Cozumel! Best Margarita I've ever had! Yummmm!Before the ship left Tampa...watching all the "cast off" activity.
Ron and Erik enjoyed our evenings in the piano bar with Tim the Piano Man...I'm SURE they are singing "Margaritaville" here.