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Thursday, June 21, 2007

First day of Summer!

and it FEELS that way here in IA, today. It is HOT, HUMID and just miserable outside. But guess what? It's NOT snowing, and for THAT I'm extremely happy, and will take hot and humid any day!

Wow...been a few weeks since I've had time to check in! We were home for just one week after our trip to St. Louis. Rachel enjoyed her week at Uncle Gene and Aunt Krista's house (thanks SO much for spoiling her rotten, especially for her BIRTHDAY! She had a great time!) and came back to IA with Grandpa and Grandma Koch.

On Sunday, June 3, Ron and I left for a cruise with our dear friends, Erik and Kelly. We had the BEST time that week! Sunshine, laughter, good friends, "fru-fru" drinks and beer, and wonderful food, beautiful blue water...oh my...what a memory! Can't wait to make more memories like this with Erik and Kelly (and the right seasickness medicine for some!) Here are a couple of photos from the cruise... Ron and I on our first evening on the ship..just before dinner. Ron's 41'st birthday! Holding a sting ray! That was WAY cool (and I was only a LITTLE freaked out, right, Ron?)
In Cozumel, in front of our ship, the Carnival Inspiration.
Just LOOK at that beautiful, blue water!We all enjoyed dressing up for our formal night on the cruise!
Me at Margaritaville, Cozumel! Best Margarita I've ever had! Yummmm!Before the ship left Tampa...watching all the "cast off" activity.
Ron and Erik enjoyed our evenings in the piano bar with Tim the Piano Man...I'm SURE they are singing "Margaritaville" here.

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