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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Travel Log

Whew....the summer kicked off with a big trip for me and a couple of the kids! Rachel and Ethan and I left at 7:30 on Friday morning and drove to Ron's sister's house. We got there at right around 7:30 that night. What a LONG day on the road! The kids did great. It was wonderful to spend Friday night and Saturday at Martha's! We ate, we shopped, we laughed...what fun! Later on Saturday, Gene's family joined us, and then chaos reigned supreme for the rest of the evening. The kids were all SO happy to be together again! We were all sad that Caleb, Cameron and Ron couldn't be with us!

On Sunday morning (after a late Saturday night!) we drove down to Danny's for church at Logan, and then ate a quick lunch and headed to the high school for Jenna's graduation. A nice ceremony! Then we went to Danny and Val's for the graduation party. More playing, laughing and LOTS of delicious food!

We left Rachel with her cousins, and Ethan and I headed towards St. Louis. We stopped late at night, and got up and finished the trip on Monday. We met Ron at the Arch, and had an enjoyable afternoon going up in the Arch and touring the museum. Then we headed out for a very enjoyable evening visit at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Schulz.

After another night in a hotel, we spent most of Tuesday at Grant's farm. It was fun to spend the day with Ethan that way...he had so much fun feeding the baby goats and the camels and petting the huge Clydesdale horses. Of course, Ron enjoyed the free beer at the end of the visit :-) We drove home from St. Louis, arriving back here at around 10:30.

Last year's vicar, Philip was here when we got home and we visited til almost 2. It was great to visit with him again!

Here are a few pictures of the busy weekend!
Rachel and her cousin and her second cousin...they were buddies this weekend!Ron and I at the arch (thanks, Ethan for taking our picture!)Ethan loved the Clydesdale horses at Grant's Farm!Feeding the baby goats was a HOOT!Of course, Ron's favorite part of the day was the free beer! He discovered a new favorite kind!

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