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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Longer a Sophomore

Well, Caleb is celebrating tonight! He finished his last day of his Sophomore year today. Because his grades were high enough, and he scored above the 90th percentile on his ITED's, he doesn't have to take semester tests tomorrow and Thursday. So he's done.

I asked him "Did you have a good year?" "yep" was his answer. I asked if he had any regrets, or anything he'd do over if he could and his answer was "nope". (he's a man of many words, LOL)

He had a busy weekend this past weekend. He attended a lifeguarding class at UNI. Friday from 4-10, Saturday from 8-8 and Sunday from 8-10. There were 3 high school kids and 18 college kids. And there were 5 guys, and 16 girls...he liked that part :-) He passed easily, and came home exhausted, but happy, and ready to go to work at the pool!

So, Caleb...we're PROUD OF YOU! Hope you have a great summer!

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Hummie said...

LOL...I can identify with those conversation with a teenage son!