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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Little Fun of My Own!

I found time to scrap my favorite picture of the day!  It felt good to get a page done!

Rachel and Ethan fall 09 The kit I used was a freebie from Pineapple Plantation Designs, called “Autumn Whisper”

Fall Fun (For REAL!)

The kids don’t agree with the title of the last post…they don’t like the words “raking” and “fun” in the same sentence!  Rachel and Ethan did get a little down time today, while Cameron and neighbor Jim hauled the leaves away.



The pogo stick provides a great deal of enjoyment!  He went for a LONG time on that thing!



The scooter came out for a while, too.




of course, a few leaves had to be raked up again after all this!



It’s fun to watch them have fun together!

Fall Fun

It’s that time of year again!  The leaves are down, which means we get to spend a sunny Saturday getting rid of them!  Of course, we couldn’t get started until after that ROCKIN’ awesome Iowa game!





I’m sure that when Caleb sees these pictures he will be SO homesick and just really wish that he were here to pitch in and lend a hand!

We are so very thankful for good neighbors with a pick up!  They let us use the pick up and toss all the leaves in the back to haul away, rather than having to bag them all up!  Much quicker this way!


The last job of the day was for Ron to cut down the branch of our tree in the front yard that had this lovely hornets nest in it!  It was sure a big thing!  Thankfully, nothing stirred inside it when he cut it down!

Happy Reformation!

Today is the celebration of an historic occasion in the Lutheran Church! It’s Reformation Day!

Of course, it is also Halloween!  Here in town, trick or treating was last night, so we got that all out of the way to make room for OTHER fun today!  (see the next post for more on THAT fun!)IMG_2496 awww…isn’t Ethan CUTE?  (Ick!)


Ethan and his buddy Jayden…all ready to go out and nab some yummy chocolate to bring home to their mothers :)

It was chilly by the end of the evening, but we had around 87 kids stop here last night.  That was one of our highest numbers.  It was cute to see the little ones from the preschool run down the steps and say “Mommy!  That’s PASTOR!”

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The End of the Season

For most of the sports my kids participate in, I enjoy watching them, but I’m usually glad when the season ends.  But I am always sad when Cross Country season ends.  I just love watching those kids run!  Here are a few pictures from the district meet last night.  Both Cameron and Rachel set personal best times last night!  Way to GO!




LOOK at her expression….that water was COLD!!



Look at that pack of COUGARS!!! Luke and Josh and Cameron…go get ‘em guys!



Cameron didn’t mind the water!!

What a great season it was!  It was really fun for me to watch Cameron and Rachel improve their performance, and have fun with their friends.  Can’t wait til next Cross Country season starts! 

Friday, October 9, 2009

XC Football Run update

Wow…my kids ROCK!  On the 13.6 mile Cross Country run of the game ball from the Middle School to the High School tonight, Rachel ran 9 miles, and Cameron ran THE WHOLE WAY!  They just amaze me!  I just don’t get why they LIKE to do this, but I’m so glad they do! 

Homecoming Activities

It is homecoming week here in our little corner of the world.  Today, the elementary and middle school kids traveled to the high school for a pep assembly, skits and crowning of the king and queen.  Oh, and we can’t forget the parade!


Trouble at its best!  Josh, Justin, Tony and Cameron


Bridget, Rachel and Karli


Rachel is just under the stop sign.  Cameron, of course, was on the opposite side and I couldn’t get a picture of him.  I’m counting on my friend Julie or my friend Christi to get me a picture of him!

At 4:30 the Cross Country team met at the middle school.  The MS Principal, Mrs. Glenn handed off the game football, and the XC team will run the ball all the way to the football field, which is about 13 miles away!  Cameron SAYS he’s running the whole way.  We’ll see.  They also have XC Parent’s night tonight (yeah…I get to hold onto their hot, sweaty smelly bodies and walk across the football field with them…ewwww….) and then they perform their full contest program for marching band at half time.  THEN…they come home and get a few hours sleep and catch a 6 am bus for Dubuque where they have State Marching Band Contest tomorrow.  Whew…what a weekend!


They decorate the school bus with their names.  The bus follows the XC runners to help keep them safe.


The team gets lectured by Mrs. Wright about how to run safely!


yeah…that’s my daughter with the blue, green and gold XC uniform with PURPLE leggings…


SFXC 2009


The handoff of the game ball!


And they are off! (Cameron is wearing the white shorts)


Running along the highway…trying to stay safe!  Watch out for the semi trucks!



See ya later!