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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Reformation!

Today is the celebration of an historic occasion in the Lutheran Church! It’s Reformation Day!

Of course, it is also Halloween!  Here in town, trick or treating was last night, so we got that all out of the way to make room for OTHER fun today!  (see the next post for more on THAT fun!)IMG_2496 awww…isn’t Ethan CUTE?  (Ick!)


Ethan and his buddy Jayden…all ready to go out and nab some yummy chocolate to bring home to their mothers :)

It was chilly by the end of the evening, but we had around 87 kids stop here last night.  That was one of our highest numbers.  It was cute to see the little ones from the preschool run down the steps and say “Mommy!  That’s PASTOR!”

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