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Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

19 years ago in Ohio, the weather was a lot like it is here in Iowa today. Way warmer than "normal", dreary and foggy. My friend Tammy couldn't make the wedding rehearsal, because her flight couldn't land due to the fog! 19 years ago, I started the day with a 9 am breakfast with my best friend, who in a few short hours would become my husband! It was a nice, relaxed start to a chaotic day! We had SO much fun that day! Everything went flawlessly throughout the ceremony. The dinner was delicious, although we didn't have much time to eat, with all the visiting we were doing with all of our guests. The polka band was a hit with family and friends alike, and we were all having the time of our lives. THEN....the power went out due to a thunderstorm! Unbelievable! Ron's dad still talks about standing in the middle of a crowded dance floor with 2 plates of food in his total darkess! The Bavarian Haus' generator wasn't working, so ...sadly...the best party of our lives was over at 10 pm or so and everyone went home! With no power, the band couldn't they quit and we all left! So sad. Ron and I drove to Bowling Green to stay the night. With all the delicious food we had served that night, we didn't have much chance to eat, so we had to make a Burger King run on the way to the hotel! Boy that was a tastey burger.

19 years later...5 states later, 4 kids later...dozens of homes later...countless jobs later, years of laughter and tears...joys and heartaches...I'm still married to my best friend! God has richly blessed us more than we deserve!

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