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Monday, April 28, 2008


We should have lots of beautiful flowers next month if the old rhyme holds true.  You know the one..."April Showers bring May flowers"  We've had more than showers around here lately!  Monday through Wednesday of last week were beautiful, but then the rains started.  (Oh, yeah...and today it was SNOW!!)  It rained really hard all Thursday night, and we had some severe flooding here in town. School was canceled on Friday because so many roads were either under water or impassible.  What a MESS.  There is still lots of high water around, but it has gone down quite a bit.  Here are some pictures from around town.


This is a normally a beautiful park with walking trails and such.  There is a creek that runs to the left of the picture (the creek wouldn't even be IN the photo, normally).  You can see the edge of the highway in this picture.  For a while on Friday morning , the water was across the highway.


Here is the tee box for the 6th hole on the golf course!  What a MESS will be left there!


The creek normally just goes under the big bridge there.  It's not a very big creek!  But the water has sure gone rushing through here lately!


to the left is the green on hole #5 at the golf course.  See all the corn stalks that have washed up there?  That also shows that the water had gone down a little before I took the picture!

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