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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prom, 2008

Tonight is Prom!  I can't believe that I've got a child old enough to go to prom!  Wow!  I sure don't FEEL old enough to have a child that is old enough for that! is Caleb, right before he left to pick up his date, Katie.  Isn't he handsome??

IMG_3907 IMG_3902

They had a "Grand March" at the high school.  That was really nice to attend!  Lots of beautiful girls, and handsome fellas.  None, of course, as beautiful and handsome as MY son and his date :)  Don't you agree??


Then, we went outside and took a few photos of Caleb and Katie, and their good friends Justin and Nikki.




I sure hope they are having a great time tonight!  Prom dinner, dance..after prom party at the school and then AFTER after prom at a friends house.  Wonder how much of Ron's sermon he'll remember tomorrow? 

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