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Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Good weekend for my high school boys!

Wow...have Caleb and Cameron had a GREAT weekend so far!  Last night was a track meet.  Since it was outside, (and I'm a FAIR WEATHER fan!)  and the two boys had conflicting thoughts on exactly WHICH town they would be running in (it was Waverly),  I chose to have a girls' night out with Rachel (hair cut, shopping, eating out...ya know...all that stuff that dad and the boys don't enjoy doing!)   

So, Cameron called me at around 8:30 to say that he had placed FIRST in his JV open 800 meter race!  Woo HOO, Cameron.  His time was 2:26.  He also ran the 4 x 800, but he said that race didn't go quite as well.  I think this might be the first time Cameron finished first in an 800 m race!  Way to GO!

Caleb ran the 2 mile, and while finishing last, he still improved his time by 25 seconds over his fastest race so far.  Way to GO, Caleb!

Today, both boys had to leave at 6 am to catch an early bus for Solo and Ensemble conteste.  Cameron played in a quartet and a quintet.  The Quintet he played in received a I rating!  That's the best!  The quartet received a II, which is still pretty darned good.  Cameron enjoys his trumpet and plays it quite well!  Awesome job, Cameron!   Caleb played tuba in the same quintet that Cameron was in, so HE received a I, also!   He also played in a duet with his tuba and the duet received a rating of II.  Great job, Caleb! 

Keep up the great work, fellas!

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Hummie said...

Way to go Cameron and Caleb! I love that they have the same hobby---and even if you don't win, just doing better than your last personal best is most important.