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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How to Brew Your Own Beer

Homebrewing has been a hobby of Ron's for many years now (he learned at the seminary).  It's been many months since he's had a chance to brew, but finally, tonight, he decided it was time.  I hope I get all the steps right!  If not...I'll be back to fix them!

Step 1:  Pour yourself a nice cold beer!


Step 2:  Boil your water and your grains                             



Step 3: stir it and watch it boil


Step 4:  Remove the grains

IMG_3703 IMG_3725

Step 5:  Add the Malt (either in powder or liquid form)  (and yes...please notice that Ron is doing this in the SNOW!!!  And IS April 8th!!)

IMG_3704 IMG_3739

Step 6:  Add hops (in either pellet or raw/fresh form.  Our hops plant didn't produce last year, so he had to resort to the pellets this time.


Step 7:  Let cool for a while.  Then transfer to a carboy. 

Step 7-a: first add a bit of water


Step 7-b: Then add the hot wort (you have to get your children involved in helping when your wife is too busy taking pictures to be of any assistance at all).

IMG_3748 IMG_3751

Rachel LOVES to help!  Really...she does! 


Step 8: Let cool til around 80 degrees or so.


Step 9:  Add the yeast (this can be in liquid or powder form.  This time he used powder for both batches)


Step 10:  Shake it up to get the yeast all mixed in with the wort



Step 11:  Cap it with an air lock and let it sit  in a dark place for a week to 10 days!


(look for the continuing story when we get to the next step!)

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Totallyscrappy said...

Seminary was a such a bad influence!! LOL...
You must've gone to St. Louis. ;)