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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Long February Week

The (late?) winter UGH feeling has set in, and this last week seemed to be a really long week (even though we had Friday off of work!)  It hasn’t been a bad winter, by any means.  I’m EXTREMELY thankful for the light amount of snow we have had.  Sure made the season more bearable for me, at least!

But we did get hit with a little snow this last week.


It was snowy, and blowy.  It only amounted to a few inches, but it was definitely a blast of winter on Monday night!

052 Feb 21

One of my favorite shows on TV is NCIS.  And one of my favorite quotes from the show is one by Abby.  And we say it almost every time we eat pistachios.

Abby: ...It's twice as addictive as heroin, but not quite as addictive as pistachios
McGee: Pistachios?
Abby: Well have you ever had just one pistachio?

053 Feb 22

We had a potluck at church on Wednesday, and I tried to make brownie bites.  I could not get those things out of the pan!  Ethan worked and worked to get them out.  These are a few that looked presentable.  So…we just left them here at home and at them. They may not have looked pretty, but wow they sure did taste yummy.

And…speaking of yummy…

054 Feb 23

THIS stuff is DEFINITELY yummy.  It really hit the spot after an 11 1/2 hour work day on Thursday!  It was Student Led Conference night, so I worked til 7:30.  This tasted GREAT when I got home!  I enjoyed a glass while I talked to Cameron and wished him a very happy 19th birthday!

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