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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Entire Month!

I have made it one entire month and have actually taken a picture every day.  I still have a long ways to go to get the entire year done, but I am really happy that I’ve managed to keep up so far.  I do need to try to get better at keeping up with posting them, so I don’t get so far behind!

These next two are a couple of pictures that I really like.  There isn’t always an “event” each day for me to photograph.  On days where there isn’t something going on, I have to get creative, and I want to try to capture “life” as it happens in my house.

I only have a couple more years to enjoy a beautiful nightly concert by my daughter.  I want to always remember this…


and the tremendous joy it brings to me when she plays. (Ok…I can’t think about it, or I cry!)

Any of you who “know” me, know quite well EXACTLY what I think of the winter season and the  weather it brings.  Especially here in Iowa.  (Yes, yes…I has been an EXTREMELY mild winter this year, with very little (but still too much for me!) snow and cold and ice.  There is the RARE occasion, when, in spite of my intense dislike and extreme distaste for this time of year, I can say “Ohhh…that’s pretty!” 


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