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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A 2 hour delay

for school today, allows me a few minutes this morning to get a few of my recent pictures posted.  I’ve (so far!) managed to snap a picture every day. Just haven’t kept up on getting them posted in a timely manner yet.


Can you tell where I WANNA be?  Somewhere with seashells and blue skies and Caribbean scents and margaritas.  Someday….



On Friday, my friend Julie and I met Jim and Gail at The Hub in Cedar Falls for an evening of AWESOME music!  Arch Allies, a tribute band for Styx, Journey and REO Speedwagon performed at 9 pm.  (Julie and I hit Hu Hot and the mall a bit before heading to The Hub…a great way to start the evening!)  The Hub was crowded with all kinds of people of all ages!  We watched the Styx set from the back of the room, but when it was time for Journey, we decided to check out the front.  We ended up RIGHT in the front.  And it was…interesting.  The band was absolutely GREAT!  We had to chuckle when, right before the Journey set started, one young girl next to us said to her young friend, “Don’t worry.  It will get better soon.  More people OUR age will show up.”  Hmmmm….  The crowd up front was a little wild and crazy, but we sure enjoyed the music!

After more than enough of the front row crowd, (but never enough of the music!) we made our way back to the back of the room where we could move and breathe.  The REO set was great as well (But I still think STYX is my favorite!)  They finished at 1, and we made our way home, happy at the end of a good day!

Saturday morning came EARLY, however, when we had to be at a 10:20 performance of our jazz band in Hudson.  Our band sounded really good, and we were proud of them!  Those early morning practices paid off, and our kids did well!  Great job, jazz band!


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