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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random pictures

I’m ready for it to be spring/summer, so I can start taking pictures of things OUTSIDE.  I’m running out of ideas of things here in the house!


It was fun to try to take a picture of this multi-colored lighted glass “knick knack”.  I like the blue color best, and I had to take a BUNCH of pictures to catch it at just the right moment.  I also was playing with the “fish-eye” scene on my camera.  Kind of a fun look!


Yes…another picture of my beautiful pianist.  This was taken as she was waiting for it to be time to leave for school.  I LOVE that she just sits down and plays!


February 10 was a cold and blustery night, but we made the trek to the high school for the Parade of Bands.  This was a picture of the combined 7th and 8th grade band, with Ethan in the center of the fish eye.  Kind of cool.  (And the MS Jazz band and 7th/8th grade bands were AWESOME!!!)

And in the interest of fairness, Rachel also played in the jazz band (with a tenor sax SOLO….She’s GREAT!) and HS concert band.  We were quite impressed with the performance.



Rachel and her Allen’s Angels Relay for Life team had a bake sale on Saturday.  Rachel baked these cute little cupcakes.  She put an oreo in the bottom of the cupcake liner, and then topped it with cake mix and baked it.  Then, when they were cool, we unwrapped them and put them in the clear cups, we topped them with icing and crushed oreos and then tied it up with a spoon.  YUMMY!

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