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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A College Visit weekend (part 1)

Wow….it’s Tuesday, and I’m just now beginning to feel semi-recovered from my weekend!  We had Friday off from school, so it was a 3 day weekend.  But we covered LOTS of ground in those 3 days!

Rachel has been wanting to do a college visit to Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota, so she could do some comparing and contrasting to our campus visit at Concordia Univesity, Wisconsin this summer.  It all worked out (sort of at the last minute) for Rachel to get an appointment with the admissions folks for Friday afternoon.  We were kind of interested in attending a chapel service on Friday morning, but since it was a day off school, NO ONE wanted to get up super early to hit the road.  With that in mind, Ron hit and scored us a very reasonably priced hotel in the St. Paul area for Thursday night.

We didn’t really make these plans very far in advance, (hey…we are spur of the moment kind of people), so we ended up getting home from school on Thursday at 3:30, and all packed our bags and were on the road by 4:10!  How’s that for speedy packing?

As soon as we realized we’d be eating on the road, Rachel and I immediately knew where we wanted to eat.  Rochester has a NOODLES and Company!!!  One of our FAVORITES!  We were SO excited, and HUNGRY by the time we got there.  Everyone was VERY, very happy with their meal!

Next stop, (much to the dismay of our anxious to swim in a hotel swimming pool children) was Trader Joe’s.  Ron had never been to Trader Joe’s and was more than anxious to hit their “beer room”.  He thoughtfully perused the selection…and then thought some more….and then studied the labels, and then perused some more…and…well…you get the picture.


When he was finished, we made a fairly quick trip through the rest of the store, and headed on our way to St. Paul.  The kids did get a swim in before we hit the sack.

Friday we attended chapel services at Concordia St. Paul, and then took a very quick tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral, before heading back to the university for a 1 pm tour.




( I took lots of pictures this day…it was hard to pick just ONE to be the photo of the day!)


We had a nice tour, and received lots of information about Concordia, St. Paul.  It definitely gave Rachel more to think about!

Following the campus visit, which included sunny and beautiful weather, I thought it would be a perfect day for a quick visit to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  But WOW it got cold.  We didn’t stay there very long!




yeah…we don’t get it either…


We were FREEZING, so we quickly got back in the car and went to one of Rachel and my favorite places ever!  The Mall of America.  We knew ahead of time that it would be a quick trip, so we had to strategize which stores we were going to hit.  We each ate our favorite foods at the food court (Ron had sushi, I had OPA! gyros and fries, and Rachel and Ethan ate at Panda Express) then Ron and Ethan went their way, and Rachel and I power shopped.  We left around 6:30 and made it home by 10 or so. 

That sums up the FIRST HALF of my 3 day weekend! 

….to be continued.

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