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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

College Visit Weekend (part 2)

Even after getting home late on Friday night, a laid back and relaxing Saturday was not in the cards.  Rachel and I, along with another member from our church, Lucas, were on the road by 10:30 to Iowa City to attend the college weekend hosted by St. Paul’s Chapel.  It was a super time, filled with devotions, an overview of what campus ministry is, a college student panel on college life, a tour of the University of Iowa, and all kinds of fun and games (otherwise known as chapel mayhem) 

Caleb and Cameron attend St. Paul’s, so this was a great time to have a chance to visit with them while Rachel and Lucas were getting to know other high school students, college students, and learning what the University of Iowa, and St. Paul’s Chapel has to offer them.

One of the activities over the course of the 24 hour visit included a “Nerf Dual”.  It was the chapel’s version of a western, gun draw dual.  A double elimination bracket was drawn up.  The participants put on goggles, stood in their assigned spots and waited for the bell.  Then, they fired their nerf gun at the competition…with the first one being hit by a bullet being out.


Rachel made it through the first round…and the second…and had to face Lucas in the final round on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday evening included all kinds of fun, like the ever popular game “Sardines” ("but “it’s best not to scare a high school girl so badly that they CRY”, says Rachel to Nate!) and the new game “Telephone pictionary”.  That was a HOOT!  Everyone in the group writes a phrase on a piece of paper.  The next person has to draw out that phrase, as in pictionary.  That is passed to the next person, who looks only at the picture (not the words written first), and writes what they think the picture is.  That is passed to the next person, who draws a picture….and so on, until it gets back to the original person.  It was hysterical to see the way it all changed from person to person.  Lots of laughter!

Sunday morning included a Bible Study, Divine Worship including the Lord’s Supper, and a yummy fried chicken lunch, followed by the final dual.


which Rachel WON!  Woo HOO Rachel!  She came home with a Chapel t-shirt! 

It was a great weekend for Rachel and the other high school students to get an overview of college life and how being involved in the church while at college can be a really fun thing.  Ron and I, as parents of 2 students at the University of Iowa, are tremendously thankful to the work of Pastor Mons and those at St. Paul’s Chapel, to provide a church home away from home for our kids!

And speaking of our kids, I had plenty of time to chat and catch up with Caleb and Cameron, too.  It was fun to visit with them, and also watch them have fun and worship with their friends!


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