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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Always running behind…

do you ever feel that way?  Every week, I look at the calendar and think, “Ok…this is a busy week, but next week things will slow down a little.”  Ha…who am I trying to kid? 

So, I decided not to stress about blogging.  When I have a free night I’ll try to write a post or two, but I’m not going to worry about it too much.  If I have to make a post with several photo of the day photos, that’s just what I’ll do.  (I do really want to try to keep that up, but I am finding it a challenge to find something to photograph every day.  I think I have missed a day or two in the last week or so.)

SO….photo of the day for February 24th…

055 Feb 24

Rachel had a jazz band festival at Coe College in Cedar Rapids.  Ron and Ethan and I drove down to Iowa City to pick up Caleb and Cameron after their classes, and we took them with us to the Jazz Band summit.  The jazz band sounded super, and we had a good time listening to them (never mind that her 3 brothers got her I trouble with a judge for making her laugh and not pay attention).  After the band was finished, we went to The Airliner in Iowa City, for a birthday dinner for Cameron.  He and Caleb shared this “Airbus”. It was a wonderful family dinner, and great to have everyone all together again for a short while!

056 Feb 25

On the 25th, Rachel had individual speech in Riceville (yes, another weekend spent on the road!)  She did a fantastic 6 minute speech on Billy Joel, complete with some piano playing.  Unfortunately for parents, photos aren’t allowed during the performances, so…I took a picture of Rachel and Katelyn … my 2 girls.  Love them!

057 Feb 26

On Sunday afternoon, Ron and I went to the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center for Beers to You.  MUCH thought and preparation went into the planning of this afternoon (on Ron’s part!) We arrived at 3 pm for a presentation by Bob Cannon, brewmaster from the Sam Adams brewery in Boston.  He gave a great presentation, and Ron got his picture taken with him.  Then, Ron pulled out his sheet that he had highlighted and circled and starred, to help him organize which beers he wanted to sample.  He was also really happy to have the chance to cast his vote for a homebrew contest!  He happily sampled from 4-7! It was a really enjoyable afternoon (even though they ran out of the goodie bags we were supposed to get to bring home!)  He was gathering data for later entry on his own blog, These Are The Beers Of My Life.  (Stop by and check it out if you have a chance!)

And finally (for now) on Monday, we went to Decorah for the Dorian Honor Band concert.  Beautiful, beautiful music for the evening.  It ended with a Bible Study with our LCMS students who are attending Luther.  A late night, but a good one!

058 Feb 27

My daughter is one of these.  You can play “Where’s Rachel?” and see if you can spot her…


Can you see her now?


What about now?


Yep…there she is!

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