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Monday, March 26, 2012

Signs of Spring

As I mentioned yesterday, the beautiful weather and flowering daffodils are signs that spring is here (and many of us are hoping that it is here to stay…we will have to wait and see on that one).  But even indoors, there are signs of the new life that comes each spring.

074 March 16

This plant was given to me by some friends when my dad died last May.  It was a beautiful flowering outdoor plant.  It literally bloomed all summer long.  When fall hit, I decided to try to keep it over the winter and see what would happen.  But I waited one day too late to bring it in, and the frost got it.  It was withered and shriveled and dead, with only a few green areas remaining.  I ALMOST threw it out, and then decided to wait til spring and see what happened.  I pruned away the frost bitten parts, a little at a time, and faithfully watered it all winter.  It did gradually green up, and now…little new shoots are reaching out for sunlight.  I am SO happy, and can’t WAIT to see those pretty yellow flowers on here again! 

This plant is very much an example of how I feel all winter long.  Frost bitten, withered and left for dead (well…not THAT extreme, LOL)  But I do just really suffer through winter….just hanging on for dear life til that warm sunshine starts appearing (and I’m SO extremely thankful with how early that warm sunshine hit this year!)  That first warm day, I just want to stand and turn my face to the sun and soak it all in…kind of like these sprouts did on this plant. 

I’m so thankful to God for the promise of spring and new life, after a long (or short!) winter.  I’m thankful for the promise of new life…eternal life…when I’ve made it through the season that is my life here on earth.  That promise of new life…eternal life…waiting for me is what keeps me turning toward the SON and soaking Him all in.  Waiting for that eternal life He has earned for me by giving up His life for me.  Because He loves me and He KNEW how much I need that eternal spring that is waiting for me!

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