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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Did you make your brooms stand up?

A couple of weeks ago there were all kinds of stories going around about the way the planets were aligned perfectly so that brooms would stand up by themselves.  Well, it really has nothing to do with the way the planets are aligned …it’s all about gravity and balance…but I still had to try it.  And it worked!  And guess what?  It still works now! 

068 March 10

Rachel has been playing organ for church.  She is improving each time.  I hope she enjoys it as much as we do.  I LOVE hearing her practice those good ole Lutheran hymns here at home, and then belting them out on the organ at church!  We recently asked her if she wanted her own copy of the organist accompaniment book.  We told her that if she intended to keep up with organ playing, we’d get it for her.  She said yes!  Here it is, in front of the piano, with Ron’s Martin Luther Bobble Head.  (It was a gift…)

069 March 11

And here is what I’ve been doing that has kept me from keeping up with the blog recently.

070 March 12

I’ve been trying to get a head start on Rachel’s graduation scrapbook.  I’ve got most of her non-digital pictures scanned in, and I’ve created a folder where I’ve copied the pages from Caleb and Cameron’s books that I can use as is (or at least with minimal tweaks).  AND I have her first five pages created.  Feels good to have a start on this project.  Now….to keep at it so I don’t have to be cramming them out at this time next year!


071 March 13

is another reason that I haven’t been keeping up so well with the blog….it’s just been TOO stinking beautiful outside!  Look at those AWESOME temps!  And this was before spring even hit!  I’m LOVING it!  Things are greening up and

072 March 14

my daffodils are in full bloom (actually, by now, they are almost done!)  They were beautiful this year! 

And, of course, there are kids activities keeping me busy as well.  Ethan’s middle school band had a college professor from Wartburg come and listen and critique and give wonderfully helpful tips to the kids.  But he also said (and this isn’t a direct quote, but it’s close) “This is, hands down, the BEST band I have heard in this middle school!”  Which is pretty cool, ‘cause he’s been coming to do this at our school for many, many years!  Our MS band really is super this year!

073 March 15

So…there you have it…some of the reasons you haven’t heard from me in a little while!  I’m sure there will be other times where I run WAY behind, but I’ll just keep plugging away!

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