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Friday, January 6, 2012


Tradition is an important part of many of our lives.  For me, as a lifelong Missouri Synod Lutheran…tradition is pretty much mandatory (just ask my LCMS pastor husband what happens if he suggests changing anything.  Or heaven forbid that he change a little something WITHOUT suggesting or asking me first! )  I like my predictable liturgy, familiar hymns, and even when it comes to things of the church outside of the worship service…I just like it best when things are done the same way as they always have been. 

So tonight’s Epiphany service at church was perfect.  We had a short service (just like every year) using Responsive Prayer 2 in our Lutheran Service Book.  Ron read the lessons of the day (just like every year).  We had prayers (just like every year).  And then, we sang (just like every year).  Before putting away Christmas completely, we sang our favorite Christmas hymns one last time.  We have a great organist who does a wonderful job of playing whatever we request.  Of course, we missed a few of MY favorites because I don’t want to be a request hog…I have to let others have their choices as well.  But that’s ok…they were all great Christmas hymns. 

Then, just as we always do, we put Christmas away in the church.  We took the Chrismons off of the Christmas tree, and then the lights.  We took down Christmas banners and the Advent wreath.  And the tedious job of getting all those pine needles out of the carpet.  It was a productive evening and the church looked great when we were finished.

Then, just like every year for 16 years, Grandma Marge said “Let’s go upstairs for cake and ice cream!”  That’s the Epiphany tradition that my kids like best!  They know that every year, after all the work is done, Grandma Marge and Grandpa Richard help Ron and I celebrate our wedding anniversary (which is tomorrow) with CAKE!  Grandma Marge cake!  It’s always yummy and pretty and comes complete with candles.  A part of the yearly tradition involves the retelling of the story of the year that Cameron was lighting the candles on our cake (he was probably 8 or 9 at the time) and he was wearing a coat…and all of a sudden the coat was smoking and melting on top of the cake, because he’d reached over a lit candle to light one in the back.  And every year, Cameron says “That’s ok…I never liked that coat anyway”

This year, our little friend Connor got in on the fun!  He said “CHEESE” and helped us blow out the candles!  I’m glad!  I don’t think we could have gotten them all out without his help!


Thanks everyone, for helping us keep those traditions going! 

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