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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catch-up Part II

So I guess I don’t know exactly what the point of this Project 365 is supposed to be.  For someone like me, who takes lots of pictures, without prompting and encouragement, perhaps the challenge should be to LIMIT myself to only one photo a day.  Hmm.  But that isn’t how I chose to interpret it.  Because I CAN’T. 

I can’t decide which of the next two pictures should be my picture for January 15. Therefore, I’m going to share TWO for that day.  Because I CAN! 


Rachel begged Caleb to play Just Dance II with her on the wii.  They did GREAT and it was fun to watch them enjoy a few minutes together!


And this was also taken on Jan. 15.  Cameron wanted to learn how to make beer, so Ron obliged.  They brewed it a couple of weeks ago, and the 15th was bottling day.  Ron tried to act disappointed that he didn’t save any water back to get the siphon started…but really?  I don’t think he minds having to get it started this way!  It looks to me like one great, big, giant straw!

January 16th was a crazy day for this mom!  Ethan had a wrestling meet here in town, and his first match was  #53!  After sitting at the meet for almost an hour and 45 minutes, it was finally his turn!  Then he had a little break until match #80somthing.  Fortunately he was finished by about 6:30 so I could run him home and then drive to watch Rachel’s UIC Honor Band Festival. Where she was chosen to be FIRST CHAIR for her section of clarinets!  It was a tremendous concert, with hugely talented young people from our area!  I really enjoyed it!  Great job, Rachel!  We’re proud of you!


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Ronnie Koch said...

The pictures of your children are wonderful, beautiful. The picture of your husband? Not so flattering.