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Friday, January 6, 2012

Putting Away Christmas

or at least the Christmas decorations.  It’s a good thing to post about on Epiphany, even though we started the process here at home a few days ago.  Of course, we daily remember the gift God gave us through the birth of the infant Jesus.  We remember that every day throughout the year.  But there is a time for celebrating Jesus birth, and Epiphany marks the end of that celebration. 

At our house, we can officially say, “It’s done!”  I *THINK* we have all of the decorations put away.  Although, to Ron’s utter frustration, I keep finding “one more thing” that needs to be put away, after he has all the boxes stacked perfectly in the closet.  Wonderful man that he is, he always finds a place to put those final things. 

In the process of “un-decorating”, please tell me that your house looks something like this:


This is my Project 365 picture for January 4.  Sadly, the house looked like this for a couple of days, as we had to find time to gradually get everything packed away.  I am very happy to have my house back to as close to “normal” as it gets around here.

On Thursday, Ethan and I had to go to Sumner for his Middle School recognition night for wrestling.  On the way, we saw this (which is my Project 365 picture for January 5)


While it isn’t the exact look I was going for, (I STILL am struggling to get good sunset pictures from my little camera), I think it is a pretty picture.  It was a beautiful sunset on a brilliantly beautiful, record breaking 50 degree day, and I was sharing a lovely drive with my youngest son.  It was a good evening!  (and it got even better when we arrived home to homemade pork tenderloin sandwiches!  They are one of Ron’s specialties…and …can I just say “YUM!”

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