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Monday, January 16, 2012

Catch-up, part 1

I’m sure this won’t be the only time this year that I get a little behind in sharing the project 365 pictures.  Sometimes, life gets in the way, and blogging takes a back seat.  But I’ve already posted more this year than I did the whole last half or so of last year, I think. So…I feel that I’m doing quite well!

I will do a part 2 tomorrow, hopefully, to get all the way current on the pics.  But for now, here are a few pictures and the stories behind them.


What better way to welcome in the first wintery blast of weather that we’ve had so far this winter, than with a Daily’s ready to drink frozen margarita (for me) and a Daily’s ready to drink  peach daquari for my mother-in-law?  Even though it was blustery, snowy, windy and cold outside, we were toasty warm from the inside out after enjoying these.  YUM!!  I could at least pretend I was at the lake or on the beach somewhere!

January 12 found all 7 of us sitting around the table playing “Catch Phrase”.  That game really makes us laugh!  Especially when Cameron is trying to get us to say someone’s name that the last name rhymes with a type of whale (Beluga?)  We got the first name right away,  (John) but took us a while to get to Belushi (really?  Does that rhyme with  Beluga?…but we eventually got it!)  And Ronnie was SOO frustrated with us when he was trying to get us to name some thing we hear at Christmas time.  We got the bells part, but…were stuck (someone (who shall remain nameless) even tried “Silent Bells” …and THAT got raised eyebrows from Ronnie and howls of laughter from everyone else.)  Eventually we did get to “Jingle Bells”  As we were playing, I thought “I should write some of these things down, because I’ll never remember what all we laughed at tonight!”  And now that it’s time to write this…I really can’t remember it all.  But we did laugh pretty hard.


This time of year, it is surprising to me when I see plant life that is sprouting fresh new life, so I had to take a picture of the bright green “new” on my lucky bamboo plant.  (I got it at IKEA a year and a half ago!  I love this plant!)


And finally tonight, I’ll end with a self portrait.  I was ready for a date with my hubby to attend the annual banquet for the Northeast Iowa Antique Engine and Power Show group here in town.  A DELICIOUS meal, and a visit with some of the local folks makes for a nice evening out!


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