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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And we have a PIN!

Woo HOO!  The BIG news of the day is that Ethan got his first pin in wrestling!  He has worked hard all season, and tonight he just looked GREAT!  He was very intent and methodical, and we could see him thinking through each step of what he was doing.  What a FUN match to watch!

So, even though I’m going out of date order a little bit, here is my Project 365 photo for Jan. 10.


And then, ‘cause I’m the mom, I’m going to share a couple of other pictures from the meet.  I’m so proud of this kid!





Great job tonight, Ethan!!!

Now, to back up and share the project 365 pictures from the past couple of days…


Mexican Train dominoes is always a fun game to play with Grandma!  We played for a couple of hours on Sunday.

And on Monday evening, Caleb spent a couple of hours talking with Grandma Koch about his trip to South Korea.  They looked at pictures and he told stories about his time there.


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