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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Day

Today is our last day of Christmas break.  Rachel, Ethan and I have to go to school tomorrow.  Caleb and Cameron, the lucky dogs, have another week and a half before their classes start up again! Where did that time go? That had to have been the shortest Christmas break on record.  Today was the first day of the break that was a “do nothing” day.  It was a very nice, low key, laid back day!


Project 365, photo for 1.3.2012

We got started on putting the Christmas decorations away while watching the BEST movie EVER!  The entire family loves “The Princess Bride”.  Most of us can quote almost the entire thing!  What is your favorite quote from the movie?

I think mine has to be “I’m NOT a witch! I’m your WIFE!” (as seen beginning at 3:03 or so in this clip.)

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Aubri said...

Oh that movie is seared into my brain. Words like "inconceivable" will always bring on a chuckle. Also, peanut, "no more rhymes now I mean it...anybody want a peanut?" And for some reason "Unemployed, in GREENLAND?!!!" comes to mind at strangest times.