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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Week ONE down...

and what a whirlwind week it was for us all! I was awakened by a phone call on Monday morning saying that our first grade teacher had headed to the hospital with contractions at around midnight or so, and that I needed to come in.

Whew...we thought we had a couple of weeks yet, but God had other plans. So I spent my week trying to keep one step ahead of 21 busy first graders. I'm SO thankful for a great faculty and staff at the elementary school. They are a great resource and support for me in these situations!

We had open house on Thursday night, so that day I put in a 12 hour day! Wow...not used to that for sure! But all has gone extremely well. First graders are quite...challenging in a classroom, but we had a good week, and, while I'm positive that I'll be ready to hand the classroom back over to Mrs. H when she comes back, I think we'll do fine and keep things sailing smoothly while she's gone.

Cameron and Caleb survived a full week of High School, marching band and cross country. Rachel is having a great start to her 7th grade year, and Ethan...well...he's just being Ethan. Easy going, laid back, going to school 'cause he has to but thinking of 100's of things he'd rather be doing.

Oh, and then there's Ron. He's taken Rachel to orthodontist appointments and eye appointments, done banking, cooked a few meals, gone to Open House classroom visits (he even stopped in to visit MY room, hee, hee)...being an all around great dad...filling in when mom is too exhausted to think straight!

Life is good.

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