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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Out of the Mouths of (not so) babes...

So lately it's been rare that we all sit down to dinner together, but tonight it finally happened. What a HOOT it was. Here's one conversation between Caleb and Cameron...

Cameron: "How many pieces of bread are we allowed to have at lunch?"
Caleb: "as many as you want, unless the lunch lady is standing at the counter...then you can only get two."
Cameron :"oh. It's really good if you rip off the crust and eat it, and then squish the bread in to a tight ball, and then eat that."
Caleb: "umm, yeah...or you could just butter it, and eat it that way."

Ron and I about fell off our chairs laughing. I don't know...maybe you had to be there, but something about the way Caleb said it...was just SOOO funny!

Caleb also rubbed it in that he was asked by his English teacher today "Caleb, to you have a little Freshman brother?" He thinks THAT is funny, but the next part of the conversation...maybe not so much. The kid sitting next to Caleb replied to the teacher "Yeah, and HE's annoying, TOO!" Mrs. R responded with "Well...that implies that Caleb is annoying, and he really isn't!"

hee, hee. I'd sometimes like to be a fly on the wall at that high school with these two boys there. It must be interesting.

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