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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Home Again, Home Again it..."On the Road Again?" This summer it seems as if we are just constantly coming or going! of right now...there are no more trips planned! That is, til Ron's trip to Africa in a few months.

Ron and Caleb returned late Thursday evening from a wonderful trip to Orlando with the youth group. When Ron called me when they were leaving the airport in Des Moines, I asked how all the traveling went and he said "Good! And I think I have everyone that I left with!" Whew!

I left Saturday mid-afternoon for a quick getaway to Dubuque with some friends. It was a GREAT trip. Lots of laughter, shopping, sightseeing and good food. Here's a scrapbook page that I did of our visit to the Botanical Gardens in Dubuque.
We also rode a cable car from the bluffs down to the historic little shopping district. I thought it was cool. Denise and Jean were scared-y cats, though and didn't like it all that well (LOL!) Here are some picture of what we rode in/on.

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