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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pickles, Pickles and MORE Pickles

oh, and some salsa, too! Whew...

I'm SO thankful to God for all the kind people that share their produce with us! We've been blessed to have cucumbers coming out our EARS this season (and we LOVE cucumbers!) I've spent 2 days canning. Friday I canned 17 pints of salsa (Mrs. Wages mix, extra onion and jalapeno or chili peppers), and made a batch of refrigerator dill pickles. Saturday I canned 14 pints of pickle relish, and started soaking cucumbers in lime for the yummy bright green Sweet Pickles. Today I rinsed them, and am soaking them in ice water, before covering them with syrup. I'll update later how many pints of those I end up with. I am currently soaking cucumbers in ice water to keep them crunchy in a Dill Pickle recipe I got from my friend Kelly. I'll can those in a couple of hours, when they are done soaking.

Whew...hard work, but we'll enjoy the benefits of it for a long time to come!

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