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Thursday, August 16, 2007

First day of School--Update

Well, it is over, with only 179 to go. (That just REALLY depressed Caleb and Cameron, LOL)

Caleb's report on his day went like this...
Mom: "Caleb, how was your day?!"
Caleb: "ok"
Mom: "just OK? Why just ok?"
Caleb: "because I just wasn't ready for school to start yet!"

The conversation with Cameron was quite similar, except that Cameron was much more...vocal...about not being ready. "MOM! It was a day of SCHOOL! How much better than 'just ok' could it BE?!"

But after I came home from the golf course, they were both excited about band (where Cameron sits directly in front of Caleb) and they enjoyed being together for that, and evesdropping on each other's conversations. They have band together, and the same teacher for their math and social studies classes. It will be an interesting year.

Rachel enjoyed being back together with her friends, but, like her brothers, was unexcited about being back in school. She enjoyed bringing homework home for me and Ron...from her English and Lit teacher. "In a million words or less, tell me about your child. What do I need to know to help him/her succeed in my classes this year".

Ethan had a good day. When asked "what did you like best?" he said, "We didn't have to do any worksheets or papers, because we had to fill in the rocks around the new playground equipment. THAT was fun!" At least it was better than multiplication or cursive, LOL. The cursive starts tomorrow.

I am thankful to God for the success He has given our children so far in school. They are all bright children, who have excelled in all areas. My prayer is for another successful year in school for all four of them!

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