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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Way to GO Caleb!

Ron and I attended an awards breakfast at the high school yesterday, where Caleb received an academic letter for his sophomore year! YAY Caleb! This will join the one he got last year for his freshman year.

He received super grades last year, while participating in Cross Country, marching band, jazz band, concert band, Show Choir Combo band, a play, track, and church/youth group activities!

Oh, yeah...this is the kid who came home the first day of school and said he wanted to drop Spanish III and pick up "something else". We said ok, and on Friday he said "OK. I did drop Spanish today." I asked "What class are you taking instead?" "Physics!" hmmmm...ok. Well...if that's the class you WANT to take...but whew...what a schedule!

Pre-Calculus/trig and Chemistry and Physics this year. What IS he thinking? But...he's a bright kid and we KNOW he can do it!

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