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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Late Summer blooms

Oh, I love my flowers.  I haven't gotten a picture of the back yard garden flowers yet, but I just had to snap a couple of pictures of my flowers in front this afternoon!


I've tried for YEARS to get impatients to look so full and pretty like this!  I'm thrilled with how they filled out inside those rocks! 


aren't they pretty??

Today my first hibiscus flower bloomed!  I LOVE hibiscus!  I call this my "Marta plant", as I planted this the day my dear online friend Marta died a couple of years ago.  It just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year.  I'll be sure to snap a picture when it is full of blooms, too!


Isn't it huge?


I really just love these flowers.  I think, since it's doing so well, I might have to plant another one somewhere!  Maybe in a fushia color, perhaps?

Then, last summer, my mother-in-law gave us a bunch of daffodil bulbs and surprise lily bulbs.  I didn't know what a surprise lily really was, but I stuck them in the ground.  And guess what?  SURPRISE!  LOL...I have lovely little flowers popping up!  They are really pretty!  My first one bloomed today, and I have several more that are about to open up.  Cool!


I'm ever so thankful for Erik and the work he (and his family!) helped us do on the landscaping of the front yard last spring.  It really makes us work at keeping it looking nice, and boy are we really enjoying it this year!  Everything grew back nicely and I've already got ideas of what I want to plant next spring.  More impatients for sure!

Now the only thing left to bloom are the chrysanthemums.  The plant is just HUGE (got way bigger than I expected!) so we'll just have to see what happens with it this fall!

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