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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blogging from Las Vegas!!

My wonderful hubby sent me an email last week telling me to plan on leaving  on Monday and returning home on Thursday.  That's really all he told me, other than that I should pack shorts and cooler clothing.  It wasn't until after we had checked in at the airport in Cedar Rapids on Monday afternoon that I finally just had to ask..."OK...where are we going???"

Las Vegas is a beautiful city, especially when the first view is at about midnight.  The city lights are amazing!  We arrived at our hotel Excalibur.  It has a medieval/castle theme.  Lots to see and do at that hotel.


Me in front of our hotel.


  We got checked in and took a walk along the Las Vegas Strip.  It was AMAZING to see!


We went to New York...



Ron found a REALLY cool bar in New York, New York.  It's called Pour 24.  Their slogan is "24 kinds of beer.  24 hours in a day.  You do the math". 


A selection of beers called "Lightness to Dark" (or something like that.  I'm sure Ron will remember!)

And to Paris...


This was one of our favorite spots.  The shopping/restaurant area in Paris is like a Parisian village...cobblestone walks and all.  We enjoyed one evening at a "dueling piano" bar.  What fun to sit and listen there!




We spent lots of time in the MGM Grand building.  We had to walk (for MILES it seemed) in there to get to the tram station.  It had a lion habitat (those pictures are still on my camera, I think.  I'll have to post those later) which was WAY cool to see.


This sign always made Ron smile.  As did the homeless man we encountered who had a sign in front of him that said "Why lie?  I need beer!"


The dancing fountains at the Bellagio was one of my favorite spots in the City.  We saw the ones inside...


and the beautiful fountains set to music outside the hotel.  I think we watched these fountains 3 or 4 times in our time in Las Vegas.



and the night time view was spectacular!



We went to Caesar's Palace where we a replica of "David" and some statues of Greek gods.


ok.  That's enough for one post.  I'll let this one upload, and begin composing the post about MY favorite spot in Las Vegas!

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