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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Final Las Vegas post

OK, I promise I'll quit talking about the Vegas trip, but it sure was fun!  I just have a few more photos to share from the great week we had there.


M&M world was REALLY cool!  4 floors of M&M stuff!  And now, looking back on our time there, I can't BELIEVE that I didn't buy a single M&M while I was there!  Geesh!  Now I HAVE to go back!


Ron wanted to visit Quark's bar.  He's a closet Trekkie!  While there, he enjoyed a couple "Romulin Ales"  He even bought one to bring home.  He said "It didn't taste that good, but it sure LOOKS cool!"


We took a gondola ride through the "streets" of the Italy when we stopped at The Venetian.  That was fun, but it was HOT outside.  IMG_6710

It was SO hot that we just HAD to stop at Margaritaville to cool off.  I shopped...Ron didn't :)


On the way back to our hotel, we again walked through the MGM hotel/casino and saw beautiful lions in the lion habitat. 


That evening we went to Stomp, and then on Thursday we headed home.  What a fun trip we had!  Ron pulled off a GREAT surprise to get me there.  Hmmm...wonder what he'll plan next?

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