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Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School

1 down and 179 to go!  Wow.  Can't believe that school started today!  As a staffer at the middle school this year, I've worked 3 days already with meetings and inservice and such.  Today was the first day for students. 

Here are the "first day" pictures.  The kids are smiling on the outside...but on the inside they are thinking two things.  1)  "Crud!  I do NOT want to go to school!" and 2) "I can't BELIEVE mom is making me DO this again!" 


Caleb.  See what he's holding up?  A 1 and a 2.  That makes 12!  He's a SENIOR!  I can't believe we've been taking these first day of school photos for thirteen years!  My how time has flown by.  He'll be doing cross country this fall, and marching band, concert band, pep band, track, and Get-A-Grip.  He'll also be taking several college courses through the school this year.  Wow.  Busy time!


Cameron.  Yep.  That's a 10 he's holding up.  He's a sophomore, ready to conquer his second year at the high school.  He's participating in cross country, marching band, concert band, pep band, and track while also taking a full course load.  Another busy fella!


Rachel.  She's in 8th grade.  She's going to do volleyball again this year, and is considering track this spring.  She's in vocal and band.  She is enjoying being the "top dog" at the middle school this year.


And then there is Ethan.  He's in fourth grade.  He was excited to get an "agenda" or "assignment notebook" this year.  It makes him feel as if he is one of the "big kids".  He'll do flag football again this year, and he's still in scouts.  He'll keep busy attending his siblings activities, too.

IMG_6797 they are.  God has truly blessed me richly, hasn't He?  I have four AWESOME kids!  I pray for them daily, and especially today I thanked God for there individuality and prayed for tremendously successful school years for them!

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Margaret said...

God bless you Sandy, what a wonderful family you have. May they all have a successful school year!!