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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Painting Fun

I promised Ethan that while his dad was in Russia, I'd paint his room.  Since Ronnie flies into Cedar Rapids late tomorrow night...I thought it was about time to get this project started.

It is LONG overdue.  He's been asking for it to be painted for about a year.  Last fall, he said "MOM!  I don't even care WHAT color you paint it.  Just PLEASE get Winnie the Pooh off of my walls!"  (He's's about time, isn't it?)  He chose "Cougar Colors" our school colors. 

When we got home from Missouri last night, Rachel, E and I started cleaning out his room of all of his STUFF.  I was finished with the primer coat by 2 am.  Today I had errands to run in the morning, picked up the paint  and was home by 11:30.  I started trimming at around 12:15, and the trim (ceiling, floors, windows and doors) was done and we started rolling the walls at around 1:15 (there was a lunch break in there, too)  It was ALL painted by 1:45!  Talk about speedy!  I invested in a paint stick! Oh my goodness is that thing SOOOO cool!  You just suction up paint into the handle and you don't have to keep stopping to refill your roller brush!  You just push the handle in some more, when you are ready for it to have more paint on it.  I'm wishing Ethan's room were a bit bigger, as this was FUN to use!  It is WELL worth the $25 (I got it at our local hardware store).  Reviewers comment that it is a pain to clean, but wasn't that bad.  I can't recommend it highly enough! are some pictures.


Teaching Ethan.  He was a big help, and SO excited to get this job done!


This is the part of the job that I REALLY just takes SO long!  But it does really speed up the process!


The paint stick, filled with paint.  WAY cool tool!!!




Hee, hee...check out the paint on the back of his head! 


Are we having fun yet?


The final step was stamping paw prints on the wall in blue and green.  Go Cougars!




all done!

IMG_5491 IMG_5492

Whew...what a 24 hours!

Now, to let it dry and get the room put back together! 

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Jenni said...

I have a couple of the paint sticks and have used them in several rooms of our house and we used them to paint our sanctuary at church. I agree... it's great fun to use and really not that bad to clean up... I found it almost therapeutic! (Okay, I'm a dork and half-like to clean up paint equipment!) Looks great guys!

Ema said...

I wonder how well that paint stick does on ceilings? Did you paint the ceiling, as well?
It looks like you both had fun with those walls, Sandy.. hope I have as much!