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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And then we went BACK to Missouri!

After Pizza Hut, Rachel, Ethan and I hopped back in the car and headed towards Missouri.  We made it to Terre Haute that evening, and then on to Erik and Kelly's Saturday afternoon.  We went to the lake and the kids swam and we went for a boat ride and  we all had a grand time.  Sunday evening, Ron, Caleb and Cameron joined us for the remainder of the week.  Kelly and I shopped, and we all went to the lake again.  We laughed and ate a lot.  On Tuesday we headed to Meramec State Park outside of St. Louis.  After setting up our 3 tents, we enjoyed steaks and salmon, vegetables and  hotdogs on the grill.  Wednesday was a BEAUTIFUL day.  The kids played croquet, they hiked, we toured Fisher Cave, some of us played in the was just a gorgeous day to be camping.  Lunch was Mac and Cheese and spam, and supper was Hobo Dinners, deep fried vegetables and cherry and blueberry camper pies for dessert.  MMMMMMM.  Campfire for the favorite part of camping.

Thursday we went to Six Flags.  It rained.  Pretty much ALL day long.  But, everyone had fun.  The kids enjoyed the fact that the place wasn't crowded and they didn't have to wait in line for long for any of the rides.   Adam enjoyed meeting Scooby, Sylvester, and a bunch of the other Looney Tunes.  It was a fun day...even in the rain.  We've just learned that whenever we camp, it WILL rain. 

It rained ALL night Thursday night.  Thunder storms and rain.  The whole night long.  Thankfully it stopped in the morning and we were able to pack up without it raining on us.  It was wet and muddy, but...not raining.

Then, Ron and the kids and I drove home so he could be here by 5:30 for a wedding rehearsal.

Here, of course, are some pictures of the last week of our vacation.


Erik and Aaron work on canopy assembly


Caleb and Cameron assembled our tents quite efficiently





Cameron made a duct tape wallet for Kelly.  He's carefully teaching Aidan how to do it!


just relaxing around the campsite (of course, all the kids are thinking "I'm BORED")


we saw this...lovely (?)...tarantula on our tour of Fisher Cave. 



some of us had an easier time fitting through tight spots in the cave than others!


All My Children




this was looking directly UP.  OUCH if it would fall!




Signature 6

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