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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hello from LaPorte, IN

At least I think that's where we are.  I can't remember exactly which exit I pulled off at!

I managed to get a DVD wedding slide show finished for a July 26 wedding late on Wednesday night (actually 4:30 Wednesday morning, to be more exact, LOL)  Thursday was laundry, computer work with a friend (Hi Mary!) and then golfing with Denise, Jean and Sue.  Nice dinner at the golf course, and then home to begin packing/organizing for an Ohio trip.

It was finally about 1:30 or so when we left home.  We stopped at church camp to pick up a few things Ethan left behind while camping there.  We stopped at A Walmart to get E some headphones for his DVD player.  I listened to a JA Jance novel for a while while the kids watched their movie.  Then when there movie was done, we listened to a juvenile fiction book called "Alex and the Ironic Gentleman" (can't remember the author off hand)  We're 2 hours into the 8+ hour story, so that should get us a long ways down the road!

Enjoyed supper at a subway...mmmmm...and then drove another couple of hours and stopped at a Hampton Inn ( my very favorite, all time best EVER hotel chain! --and no--I don't get money from them for saying that!)

Kids swam, I read a magazine and avoided getting wet.  Were now settled down into our super comfy Hampton Inn beds...the most comfy hotel bed I have ever been in!  Great place to sleep.

We'll wake up in the morning to a lovely hot spot on the breakfast bar, and  will head out for the last  hours of the trip to Ohio.

Talk to you later from Ohio!Signature 8

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