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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just a few more camping photos


Cameron got all the firewood cut for us for our big campfire on Tuesday night!  Thanks Cameron!


Rachel, Adam and Ethan enjoy the camp fire.


This picture just makes me smile.  After spending a BUNCH of the summer together, Rachel and Adam are still not tired of each other.  Look at them grinning at each other!! 


Everyone pitched in and helped get supper ready.  Ron and Erik sliced and breaded and deep fried some zucchini and squash.  Oh, yeah..and a cucumber, too.


Adam helped by sitting nicely in a chair.  NOT.  Grin.


Kelly and I and some of the kids assembled the Hobo dinners.  It was a GREAT meal.

I didn't take my camera to Six Flags.  It was just a rain all day kind of day, and I just didn't want to risk getting it wet.  So we took pictures in our heads of all the fun we had there that day!

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