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Monday, February 25, 2008

MMMM....Love Them Wangs!

I like it when I am everyone's hero. When I can make a dinner that pleases everyone. And today was one of those days! It's been a while since I've impressed all FIVE of my family members. It was a lip smacking....finger licking...mmm--mmmm GOOD dinner!

Chicken wings. HOT Chicken wings. I followed the recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. (Her photography skills are better than mine, LOL) It took me a LONG time to get them all cooked. I started at around 5, and had to fry 3 batches, for about 25 minutes each. We ate at 7. (I cooked up 10 pounds of wings, and there were NONE left. Not a single one!) But it was well worth the wait, and all the work! It's definitely a keeper recipe, that I'll do again and again!

Here's what the platter looked like BEFORE dinner.

And here is the AFTER shot...AFTER Caleb ate 24 ( read that right..TWENTY-FOUR!!!) chicken wings. And splattered hot sauce all over into the ranch dressing, and all over the table. And had his face covered in wing sauce...wiped his face and then had his face covered in sauce again...and again.... I so enjoy watching my children enjoy their food! :-)
And the BEST part???? RON did dishes after supper! THAT lets me know he REALLY enjoyed his dinner!
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im1blessedmom said...

They look so GOOD! I wanna come next time! lol. I have no idea what it feels like to have everyone enjoy a meal that I cook. Inevitably, if I please a few the rest are crabby. I wanna know what that feels like!

Totallyscrappy said...

I love the Pioneer Woman! Everything I've made from her site has been wonderfully delicious. I'm sure your family loved these wings... if there were any left that your son didn't eat!!
We do have a lot in common! We also are on the same LCMS PW email list! Small world.