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Monday, February 18, 2008

Is it EVER going to stop?

Yet again we have had a horrible weather weekend! Saturday night into Sunday we had sleet and freezing rain, snow, snow and more snow, and then wind! Today all of the roads are just completely ice covered. I was headed to Waterloo for a doctor's appointment, and just 10 miles outside of down, was told by a Highway Patrol officer that "If it isn't life and death, you need to turn around and go home!" Shortly after that the highway was closed.

Kids are excited about a 2 hour delay tomorrow. It isn't supposed to get any warmer tomorrow, so I can't imagine that the ice is going to thaw any. I am SO ready for spring.

It was NOT a good day to have a gal from Carnival Cruise lines, offering us a really good deal on a cruise!

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